Roundup: Fraudulent citizenship alert

Jason Kenney announced that the government is revoking the citizenship of some 3100 Canadians after an investigation showed that they were fraudulently obtained. The fact that a large number of those contacted about their pending revocation aren’t contesting the fact is probably an indication that there is an acknowledged problem, though I’m not exactly sure that we can take Kenney’s assurances that this will save us money in the long run at face value, since a lot of resources are going into these investigations while the backlogs aren’t getting any additional resources to be cleared. Also, apparently the department is also “rigorously” scrutinising any Iranian immigrants for any links to the regime there.

A Quebec superior court judge has ruled that the province has a right to its long-gun registry data, which has Vic Toews completely apoplectic.

Kevin Page is once more pleading for data on the cuts that he needs for his analysis.

Public sector unions are (justifiably) outraged that DND is now spending $100 million to hire outside replacements to do the jobs of those employees they just axed.

Maclean’s Michael Petrou looks at the closure of the Iranian Embassy in Ottawa, and how that will reduce but not eliminate Iran’s influence here in Canada.

Here’s an exit interview with Chief of Defence Staff Walt Natynczyk, which might include a dig at his successor’s lack of combat experience. Natynczyk is also unimpressed with the slow pace at which our naval shipbuilding programme is going.

Kady O’Malley looks at riding associations that have been involuntarily deregistered for failure to file their annual returns on time.

What’s that? The “permanent campaign” runs 363 days a year for the Conservatives (excepting only Easter and Christmas)? You don’t say!

The family of a soldier who committed suicide is being stuck with a $10,000 legal bill because they had to go to court to change errors in the death certificate.

Pat Martin is soliciting donations for his legal bills for RackNine’s defamation lawsuit against him.

Here’s more about the attempt to get the Avro Arrow program resurrected to replace the CF-18s.

And here’s a look at the sinkholes opening up in the Nation’s Capital.