Roundup: Another omnibus?

Here’s a look at what a new omnibus budget bill might contain – things like changes to science and research policies, or minor tax changes. Apparently there is some debate within the caucus about what the changes to pensions should entail, especially around the age of eligibility.

The opposition is concerned that a crackdown on “absentee” permanent residents could negatively impact the investment climate in the country.

We’re signing a nuclear deal with the United Arab Emirates in order to provide uranium to their reactors, and to set an example to Iran, apparently.

The government has announced that it will be consulting around creating a code of conduct for mobile payments, so that you’re not deluged with hidden fees every time you pay by smartphone.

You can now sign up to be an organ donor via the Book of Faces here in Canada. Leona Aglukkaq brought double lung transplant recipient Hélène Campbell up to the Hill to make the announcement.

Apparently rejected Hungarian refugee applicants are making the most use of the new programme that offers a free flight home, but there are complaints in the Roma community that the programme isn’t very well understood because none of the information offered is actually in Hungarian.

The Conservatives were in court yesterday seeking a large deposit from the challengers, including the Council of Canadians, of those seven election results. Meanwhile, the attention on robo-calling has the Chief Electoral Officer mulling the need for better regulation of voter identification databases used by parties.

An Ontario court has struck down another provision from the omnibus crime bill because it violates the Charter. You don’t say!

BC is looking to go ahead with Senate “election” legislation in the spring, apparently oblivious to the larger, more existential questions about what this kind of reform means.

I spoke with Senator Elaine McCoy (who is made of awesome) about her friend and mentor, the late Peter Lougheed.

Here’s your recap of the political talk shows last night.

And here’s a look back at Edward and Sophie’s visit to Canada, and the deep ties they’ve formed here.