Roundup: Framing the faux-debate

As the whole carbon tax faux-debate continues to rage unabated, it turns out that the Conservatives’ sector-by-sector regulatory approach has a lot of hidden costs to it. Bruce Cheadle delves into how the faux-debate is all about framing the issue, no matter how true or false it actually may be.

Changes to MP pensions may mean lifting the freeze on their salaries. The Liberals are demanding that the changes be in a separate bill, so that they can support it. Of course, the likely calculation is that the changes will be put into an otherwise unpalatable omnibus bill so that the Conservatives can accuse them of trying to protect their pensions.

Plans to allow American law enforcement agents to pursue suspects across land borders are “on hold” while they sort out legal issues.

John Geddes at Maclean’s looks further into the issue of Nigel Wright and possible lobbying. Elsewhere, the Ethics Commissioner won’t look into the appointments at the new Oshawa Port Authority who have Conservative ties because, well, it’s not her job. The NDP calls this a “gaping hole” in the Accountability Act. And still on the ethics file, here is a reminder about why MPs not having any kind of travel budgets leads to sponsored junkets.

It seems that Conservative MPs are cancelling interviews rather than talk about the flag issue in Quebec.

Liberal Judy Sgro says that anyone who can’t raise a half million dollars shouldn’t bother to run for leadership because the party needs people who are serious contenders. Marginal contenders and those who haven’t been able to win a seat, predictably, complain. has your complete rundown on what came out of the latest release on census data, including the rise in common law families and same-sex marriages in Canada.

Apparently Dean Del Mastro has now met with Elections Canada officials over his election expenses.

It appears that Senator Brazeau is behind on child support payments – again.

Here is the recap of yesterday’s political shows.

And Maclean’s delves into the history of Thomas Mulcair.