Roundup: Buh-bye Bev Oda

Bev Oda, embattled cabinet minister and fan of limousines and nice hotels, has announced her resignation from both cabinet and the Commons, dated July 31st. The PMO release said that she’s leaving Parliament, which seems to preclude a Senate appointment, but never say never. Not surprisingly, NDP MP Charlie Angus was quick to crow about it. While the resignation was handled quietly, in the Harper Government™ style, we should also remember that Oda did do a few good things, like keep Canada’s commitments to the Global Fund when other countries weren’t, and not only that but ensured our contributions were sent in early.

Jason Kenney insists that there was no backtracking, just “clarification” on those refugee health benefits.

The government wants you to know there’s still no “iPod tax,” and no copyright levy on SD memory cards either.

The Canadian Forces are axing signing bonuses for new recruits, saying they currently don’t have any skills shortages.

CSIS says that a Federal Court of Appeal decision will imperil their informants if they are forced to reveal their sources.

The Ontario Superior Court says that Hedy Fry, Martha Hall Findlay and Joe Volpe shouldn’t be allowed any more extensions for repaying their leadership debts. The penalty is a thousand dollar fine or up to three months in jail – never mind that the law was changed retroactively to punish the Liberals in the most crassly partisan way by both the Conservatives and NDP.

And Liberal senators denounce the passage of the omnibus budget bill as “undemocratic” and “regressive.”